Weekend Training

The weekend weather forecast seems pretty decent for a bit of cycling. Slightly cooler than usual so we will just have to cycle a bit faster to warm up! As always come out and support the club cycles if you can. Let’s see if we can break the club attendance record for the lake on Sunday. Of the two days we train, Saturday is the most suited for newcomers to the club. The first half of the Saturday session is taken at a reasonably easy pace. Commit to attending that session for a few weeks and you will be flying it in no time.

Blast from the Past Photo: when did Donkey do a race for Nenagh CC?!

Nenagh CC Launch

Saturday Spin: meet at 9:00 at the Hotel (racing cyclists out at 8:00)

Route: we are going to do the Winter Warrior 4 route which is flat for the first half but then gets hilly after that. We head out to Roscrea and back to Moneygall. This wide, safe road is ideal for accommodating newcomers. Groups can head home at Moneygall or you can use the opportunity to try climbing a mild hill (Army Hill). From there it’s over to Gortagarry and then over to Toomevara. After that it’s a loop of Seáníns and back to Nenagh. We will look to split into groups in Roscrea with the racing lads going the full way down the Roscrea bypass and back = a big head start for the other groups. The amount of groups on the road depends on the amount that turn up.

Sunday Spin: meet at 8:00 at Tescos.

Route: we are doing the lake route on Sunday. Everyone knows at this stage what is involved. When you know what is expected you can focus on making it a quality session. There is the option of doing the extended route for those that want a little more (brings the cycle up toe the 4 hour mark usually).

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