Weekend Training

We have an action packed weekend coming up for you. Provided the weather plays ball, we will have our Christmas Hamper Ride on Saturday. At the moment, it looks good, a little bit cold but sure you won’t be long warming up! Handicaps will range from scratch to +20 mins for the leisure group. That will give all group s a chance of winning a hamper. The leisure group should be ready to go at 10:20 at Lisboney Ind. Estate. All groups should be on the road before 10:40. Remember to bring a small donation. There is also a cycle around the lake to look forward to on Sunday, where we can all slag or brag about the day before.

Saturday Spin: meet at Lisboney at 10:20 (10:40 if going in the scratch group).

Route: the ride takes us to Roscrea and back. The finish line is at Lisboney graveyard. Normal rules of the road apply. This is not a Cycling Ireland race. There are no marshals on the course. It’s just a bit of fun for the club. Please choose a group that is suitable for your ability.

Sunday Spin: meet at Tescos at 8:00am

Route: we will be doing the lake route. Legs might be tired from the day before so the intensity might be a little lower than usual. Could be a good time to join us for a spin.

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