Weekend Cycling

Temperatures are very low at the moment and that makes it a little harder to get on the bike. This time last year it was 16 degrees! We have spins planned but stay tuned to Viber and Facebook for last minute updates. Sunday is looking slightly better than Saturday so make that your one definite cycle this week.Tomorrow’s cycle is a 50:50 call at the moment whether the spin goes ahead. It could be a little dangerous for big group cycling. Then again it might be grand. A call will be made in the morning. When a number of training days are being missed through terrible weather it just makes the missing of training days for no good reason even worse. You have to try to stay consistent. If there is no club cycle tomorrow get on the turbo.

Saturday Spin: meet at 9:00 at the Hotel

Route: if the cycle goes ahead we will be trying to stick to the main roads mostly.

Sunday Spin: meet at 8:00 Tescos

Route: it might be a good time to redo one of our recent new ones. It sticks to the main road for the first hour so it should be safe. This route is local so no excuses about it not suiting. Turn off when you want. You have the option to go slow or fast if you want.

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