At Nenagh CC we like to put an emphasis on training as a team as much as possible. With such a wide variety of cyclist in the club we have put in place ability based training groups. Therefore, no matter what level you are at, you will always be surrounded by similar ability riders. This also creates the added incentive of people wanting to rise up through the ranks into the fastest group. All of us in the club started off on the bottom rung of the ladder but with determination, a positive attitude, time and consistency you will also rise up the ranks.

Aim HighHigh Standard & Expectations: our training is not suitable for everyone. We are not an absolute beginner club. We focus on racing and tough leisure events. You would have to get yourself up to a certain standard before coming out cycling with us. That standard is by no means impossible. It just requires a little bit of effort on your behalf.

Training Requirements

  • Helmet
  • Racing Bike
  • Cycling Ireland license
  • Club Membership
  • Route knowledge – study the planned route on the website and plan in advance what you aim to do.
  • Other essentials: food and drink, spare tubes, pump, lever etc.

Off Season Training (October to February)

The club start training for the 2018 season in October. We will start out easy and build up the distance and intensity as the months tick by. The aim is to be ready and raring to go for the first race of the season in February. If you have confidence in your pre-season training then jumping into big races with the best cyclists in Ireland won’t quite seem so daunting.

  • Tuesday: Turbo Session from 7:30 to 8:30 (racing cyclists usually start at 6:30)
  • Thursday: Turbo Session from 7:30 to 8:30 (racing cyclists usually start at 6:30)
  • Saturday: Main Club Cycle – starts at 9:00am from the Abbey Court Hotel – route is displayed on the website beforehand.
  • Sunday: (More Advanced) Club Cycle – starts at 8:00am at Tescos – this usually takes in our traditional Nenagh CC lake route.

Keep Up to Date With Training Via

Website, Facebook, Viber or Strava.

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