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Nenagh Summer League 2019: Round 9

Nenagh Summer League 2019: Round 9 We are now starting into the second half of our Summer League season and the racing is as fast as ever. We had a quality scratch bunch setting a big pace on the course, but we also had a quality middle bunch who made it very hard to catch them. Breaking the hour mark for the course is always the target; it hasn’t been broken many times and we didn’t quite break it this…

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Club Updates: 27/05/19

Club Updates: 27/05/19 Not much news this week from the club as the mid season lull continues. For the first time this year we had nobody in racing action on the bike but at least there were a few off running in various races. There is one race coming up this weekend that we would like club members to support – Raparee CC Road Race 2019. Training distances back at home increased a little as our club members look to…

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Club Updates: 19/05/19

Club Updates: 19/05/19 It was a quiet enough weekend on the racing front with just a handful of cyclists and runners in racing action. We had 4 riders racing on the bike but no points scored. 2 club members were also in running action at an 8km road race in Poulmucka. Today would normally be the highlight of the cycling racing calendar with the typical start to the Rás. In it’s absence there aren’t a huge amount of races on…

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Nenagh Summer League 2019: Round 7

Nenagh Summer League 2019: Round 7 Numbers were decent and the quality of racing was excellent at the latest round of the Nenagh Summer League. 6 years ago when we started the summer league there was only the, always excellent, Limerick Summer League in existence locally. Now, there are so many competing league races in the area it is certainly getting tougher to keep the show on the road. In saying that, if people keep turning up like they did…

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Club Updates: 12/05/19

Club Updates: 12/05/19 This weekend was a kind one for the club with a news of a great result coming from the Crotty Cup in west Clare where Art Mozdzer and soloed his way to victory in the A4 race. It’s not easy to win races and not many from Nenagh have ever managed to do that so savour the victory Art. It was well deserved and with that victory Art gets upgraded to A3. We also had club members…

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Nenagh Summer League 2019: Round 6

Nenagh Summer League 2019: Round 6 The 6th round of our Summer League took place in glorious sunshine last Thursday. With so many competing league races on the calendar these days it was no surprise that numbers were down a little. Nevertheless, we still had 3 groups on the road and the scratch bunch was truly top quality. This led to an excellent race, with the Doherty brothers making it a 1 – 2 finish in the end. There was…

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Weekend Cycling

Weekend Cycling The sun will be making a welcome return for the weekend so it looks like it will be shorts and jersey time on the bike. There are two races on this weekend for anybody brave enough to go – the Crotty cup in Clare tomorrow and the always tough Shay Elliot on Sunday. If you want something a little bit easier, come out with the club. The routes are below, but they aren’t exactly easy this week either.…

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Club Updates: 06/05/19

Club Updates: 06/05/19 It was a quiet weekend on the racing front for our cyclists with just two lads in action. There wasn’t much racing to choose from if you weren’t interested in the stage races that were on offer. We actually saw more of our members in running action this weekend at the Great Limerick Run and the results from that were very promising. With it being a bank holiday weekend and with favourable weather conditions we were able…

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Nenagh Summer League 2019: Round 5

Nenagh Summer League 2019: Round 5 Normal service was resumed on Thursday night when, for the first time in this year’s league, the scratch group had caught the front groups roughly at the time / location we wanted it to happen. This allowed for a more tactical race with surges and stalls and breakaway attempts. This is where you learn how to win a race or how to just hang on in there with the big boys when the hammer…

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Club Updates: 28/04/19

Club Updates: 28/04/19 The Never Ending Story continues. Keith Butler has once again managed to mess up his chance of getting promoted to the A3 category with a 9th place finish in Currow (top 8 to score). Keith only needs 1 point for promotion. We even had the bunting ready in town for his triumphant return, but no, we should have known he would fail again. Could someone in the A4 bunch please take pity on the man and let…

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