Off season training about to begin

We hope everyone in the club is enjoying the time off in September and recharging the batteries for the winter miles. Off season training starts in October, next weekend to be exact, so start dreaming again about what can be for the year ahead. Whether it’s a big stage race, getting promoted from A4 through the ranks to A1, going sub 3 at the Dublin Marathon, winning a county cross country title, completing an Ironman, dominating the adventure racing scene or whatever else you fancy, we can help you get there. Just start your journey with us next weekend, try your best, don’t give up, improve week after week and before you know it you will be at your destination fit and ready to put in a big performance. As always, new members are more than welcome.

Club AGM: this Thursday at 8:00pm in the Abbey Court Hotel.  If you want to have your say in how the club is run then turn up at our AGM this Thursday at 8:00pm in the Abbey Court Hotel. If you can’t be there but would like to suggest an item to be discussed then put it up on the club Viber account.

Training: we won’t know exactly what the training plans will be until after the AGM but one thing is for sure – our weekend back to back cycles will be going ahead as per usual starting on October 5th & 6th.

  • Saturday: Main club cycle – start at 9:00am at the Hotel. This cycle is normally shorted than the Sunday cycle. For those looking to do more, the option of meeting up at 8:00 is always available.
  • Sunday: long distance club cycle – start at 8:00am at Tescos. This cycle is usually slower than the Saturday cycle but longer. It helps club members get ready for the summer leisure spin.
  • Monday: Bertie’s Circuit Training – starts September 7th, 7:00pm in the Nenagh GAA Complex – we urge all our club members to try to add something different to their training schedules this winter. Bertie has been a big help to the club over the years so try to support this if you can. You will be helping him and yourself at the same time.

Club Turbo Training: for the past two years people have tended to prefer to do their own thing with turbo. We will be talking at the AGM about what a possible solution would be. We are open for ideas on this one, but as always with training sessions, it will be a numbers game. If people want it and support it then we will put it on.

Annual Leisure Trip: another item that will be up for discussion at the AGM will no doubt be the annual leisure trip. I have heard the Pyrenees and Marmotte mentioned. There is also some asking for a Paris Roubaix Challenge 2020. The foreign trips don’t suit some so perhaps an Ireland based trip is needed. Come to the AGM and put your argument forward.

Run Group: our runners are switching season at the moment. October sees us move from the road to the grass as the cross country season begins. Up first will be the County Novice Cross Country in Newport. It looks likely that we will have a team entered in that. If slogging through the mud appeals to you then join our run group on Viber and get out there racing with our team. A cross country season is great for adding a little colour to your dreary off season training. It will also toughen you up a lot because it sure ain’t easy!

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