Club Updates: 29/10/19

Off season training is flying by and we have already put our first month behind us. We hope to welcome back a lot more members to the group in November. As the months pass by the intensity will increase bit by bit, meaning it will be harder to jump into the group the longer you stay off the bike. This week we have the usual spins planned. Last weekend, we put in a nice block of long distance training, with big spins on Sat, Sun and Mon. There were decent crowds out on all 3 days and there is a good buzz in the group. Well done to everyone at the recent Dublin City Marathon where Eoin Woolley finally broke the 3 hour mark with an impressive 2:56 time


  • Mid-week turbos –  sessions are arranged through Viber. Normally Tue, Wed, Thurs.
  • Thursday – running speed set with the Tri Club at 7:00pm at Nenagh College.
  • Saturday – main club cycle – 9:00 at the Hotel.
    • Yoga with Mikey O’Dwyer – 1:00pm in the Leisure Centre. Cycle in the morning then stretch it out afterwards.
  • Sunday – long distance club cycle – 8:00 at Tescos.
    • Racing: County Masters Cross Country
  • Run session: our run group try to get out running every mid-week morning at 6:00 from the library. The pace is slow and conversational and we try to cover 10 miles each morning. These sessions are organised through the Nenagh Run Racing viber account.

Something to Aim For: it is always very important that you have something to aim for when heading into a new season. This will give some purpose to your training and it’s more likely to get you out of bed on cold Saturday morning. Work out what you want to do in 2020.

  • Bike Racing: take on a stage race or just look to get upgraded. We hope to get a few more of our strong cyclists back on the racing circuit this year. Putting a team together means actually training together and talking to each other from time to time. Get out cycling with the club and let’s all start pulling in the one direction.
  • Leisure Tour: each year Nenagh CC organise a big leisure trip/cycling holiday. Over the last few years we have done Mizen to Malin, France, La Marmotte, Wales and Italy. This year it is looking like Spain and the Pyrenees; possibly a 5 day cycle across that mountain range. That will involve a high level of fitness to do so start putting in the miles now. This trip normally takes place at the end of July.

Weekend Training

Hills on Saturday, a new Sunday route with a long roll over session, and a Broadford cycle on Monday were on the menu last weekend. The multiple days in a row certainly tired out the body but you will recover and get stronger. Is it too early to throw in a few hills? no. Just because there is a hill, it doesn’t mean you have to tear up it like a lunatic. And if you do want to tear up it, fair play to you, just don’t let that be the peak to your season. If I were to sit here listing out all the things we have been told not to do in training I would be here all day. Keeping things positive, having fun on the bike, at times being reckless, and going with the flow are as important as any. We have a good group working hard together, stick with them and you will do well next year.

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