Club Updates: 25/08/19

This week is the final week of official club training as we take our well earned end of season break. This post will also be the last club update until we return in October. We are hoping to have an End of Year Cycle next weekend. Day and time are still to be chosen, but you can be sure it will be a long day on the saddle but at least the club will pay for everything at the food stop! With very little on the racing calendar we would hope for a decent turn out at this. The big bike race this weekend was in Blarney where the Munster Champs took place. We had 4 riders at that. There were running races in Shannon, Cork, Limerick, Clonmel and an adventure race up in Trim. Results at those races were good. Back at home we had two easy going training days in lovely weather to enjoy.


  • Mid-week – arrange through Viber.
  • Saturday – meet at 9:00 at the hotel.
  • Sunday – meet at 8:00 at Tescos

Final website club update for a few weeks: This will be the final website club update for the 2018/19 cycling/training season. I have earned my annual leave having written up 80+ updates and race reports in the last year (203 reports in the last 3 years of this website). If you take it as being about 1 hour per article = 2 full weeks work last year alone. Reports often take double that amount of time to create. It is a side of a club that people often take for granted. Things like this don’t just ‘magically’ get done. When you get home from a summer league and get to relax, someone has to sit down, figure out how the race went, write up a report, find suitable photos and put it all online (quick enough so that people won’t be giving out!). So now it’s my time to relax and put the feet up. Use Viber and Facebook for club communication until we return in October.

Weekend Racing

Blarney, Munster Champs: Seán Molloy managed to get in the winning break on the first lap of the A1/A2 race, but here is what happaned in his words “Got in the break the first time up the climb but couldn’t hold the wheel at the flat bit at the top. If only I’d have hung in for about 30 more seconds I’d have had 8km of downhill to recover. Pity, but was on the limit anyway. Bunch finish.” Keith Butler and Daniel Ronan were in the vets race and both finished in the bunch. Will Killackey was a DNF in the A3 race.

Running Races: On Wednesday Gary, Shane and Aaron went to the Shannon 5km. Gary won the race with Shane in 4th and Aaron 5th. On Thursday, Gary came 5th in the Rathcormac 4 miler. On Friday, Gary came 2nd at the Churchtown 5 miler. On Sunday Gary won the Dooneen 5km on the Limerick Racecourse. Also on Sunday Siobhan O’Doherty won the women’s Half Marathon in Clonmel.

50 Race Mark: Gary passed the 50 race in 1 season mark this week. He is now on to 52 official races and there is still 4 months left of the season. The aim at the start of the year was 50 races. I hope this makes those ‘racers’ in the club that race 7 or 8 times a year sit up and take notice! Start racing more often!!

Boyne Adventure Race: Gary and Shane made the trip up to Trim for this race. Shane was hoping to keep his 100% win record going up there but all good things come to an end as he finished in 3rd with Gary finishing in 2nd, although Gary really should have won it if he hadn’t gone the wrong way on the final bend!! Here is how Shane saw the race go down….

This was very much just a training race for the two of us. It was a last minute decision to enter so we were never going to be feeling too fresh for this with Gary racing the Wed, Thurs and Fri before it and me having to get physio work done the day before. I had hoped this would be just an easy pace race for us but when we arrived and saw Barry Cronin, Killian Heery and Paul Tierney there we knew we had our work cut out.

We didn’t know the route so we had no real tactics for the race. Just deal with issues as they arose. Little did I know that after a poor opening 5km run I would spend the whole race chasing Barry, Killian and Gary out front. The 3 lads got on the bike 35 seconds before me and with the next bike leg into a headwind I had my work cut out to close the gap. The next run, bike and run stages of the race saw the gap go out on the run and fall slightly on the bike. The gap was hovering over the 1 minute gap late in the race. A decent kayak section by me kept my race alive instead of burying me which I had expected. But the lads still had a big gap on me with only the cycle back to Trim left.

The longer a race goes on the stronger I usually get so I didn’t give up. Who knows what would happen up front on the final leg as the lads try to break each other. Not long into the final cycle I pass Killian who is off the bike dealing with a bad cramp. That left Gary and Barry ahead. With just 1km left I closed the gap and got up onto Gary’s wheel. Straight away Barry broke as he knew he was in trouble with a 2 v 1 situation, this was a smart move. He pushed hard for 40 seconds but Gary had his wheel and now became favourite for the race win. I made my way back up to them and as we came very close to the finish line Gary broke and got a small gap. Through poor marshaling and a lack of course route knowledge, Gary missed the left turn on the final roundabout (about 50m from the finish line). Barry knew the turn and took it with me on his wheel. He racked his bike quicker than me and won the 30m sprint to the line to take a sweet win. I waited for a few seconds for Gary on the home straight and let him pass as I felt it should have been his victory. You can’t begrudge Barry the win though as he is a top athlete who represents the sport very well.

This was probably the hardest I have worked in a race this year. I wasn’t going well but I kept going and nearly pulled something out of the bag. I got a good workout and hopefully I can improve on the running issues I have been having lately. A result like this can act as a good wake-up call and can be a blessing in disguise especially with an ‘A’ race coming up in just 3 weeks time.

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