Club Updates: 20/10/19

We had 35 cyclists out on their bikes with the club over the weekend. Great to see such great support from our own club and the Tri Club. This could be the start of a big year for both teams. Huge mileage was covered over both days with 160 miles / 256km cycled. Some did it all and others did a little and headed for home, no bother, just do what you can. It’s very early days yet. The racing lads seem very focused this year so lets hope for some big performances in the summer of 2020 not the winter of 2019. In terms of racing, I think this was the first weekend in quite a long time where we had nobody racing. Winter training has well and truly begun, but for some (Keith) it’s going to be winter hibernation. See you in the New Year!


  • Monday – Circuit Training with Bertie – GAA Complex at 7:00.
  • Mid-week turbos – there will be no formal club session. Informal sessions can be arranged through Viber.
  • Thursday – running speed set with the Tri Club at 7:00pm at Nenagh College.
  • Saturday – main club cycle – 9:00 at the Hotel.
    • Yoga with Mikey O’Dwyer – 1:00pm in the Leisure Centre. Cycle in the morning then stretch it out afterwards.
  • Sunday – long distance club cycle – 8:00 at Tescos.
    • Racing: Dublin City Marathon – Best of luck to our members taking part!
  • Run session: our run group try to get out running every mid-week morning at 6:00 from the library. The pace is slow and conversational and we try to cover 10 miles each morning. These sessions are organised through the Nenagh Run Racing viber account.

Blast from the Past Photos: we all had to start somewhere. Some in the club would have you believe they were always perfect, these early photos tell a different story. Never forget where you came from and never take for granted the help others gave to you when you were just learning. Look back, reach out and help the next lad behind you be less like a Fred in future.

Club Membership: €30 due to Killer.

Club Gear: a new order will be going in in two weeks time so start thinking about what you might need for the winter. We will let you know when the online shop is open.

Bank Holiday Weekend: every bank holiday weekend is treated like a mini training camp. We will have 3 big cycles to choose from, with the Monday cycle likely to go somewhere completely different e.g. Slieve Blooms, Glen of Aherlow etc. Try to make it out on at least 2 of the 3 days.

Weekend Training: The Saturday spin was both rain affected and rugby affected, both were miserable. At least those that braved the rain got a workout at the end of it. There were over 20 on the road from 8:00 onwards. Even in just a few short weeks we could see big improvement in the group. From 10 onwards the rain started to fall and cyclists turned for home and the comfort of the tv and the big match. The racing lads stayed out and put in a solid 2 hour roll over session. Legs were tired after 4 hours but this was only the first day of 2 big mileage days. 12 cyclists returned on the Sunday morning for a lovely cycle around the lake in ideal conditions. Some took it easy and some took it not so easy but for sure, everyone was pretty exhausted after 4 hours on the saddle. The headwind on the way home from Daly’s Cross did all the damage! After 3 weeks of off season training people are getting fitter. For those taking a prolonged end of season break I would advise not to take too long. The longer you take out the harder it is to get back up to speed!

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