Club Updates: 17/11/19

That wasn’t exactly the best weekend for cycling. It was very cold out there on both days. We cancelled Saturday and between the cold temps and mist on Sunday nobody actually made it the full way round the proposed route. Just a little note on the call on Saturday – just because the official club cycle is called off it doesn’t mean you can’t go out yourself or organise for others to meet up at the same time. There was actually a big number out on Sunday (15) but between the cold and wet, punctures, places to be, mental weakness etc. the bunch whittled down to just 3 people left 3/4s way through. There was still 100km up on the clock when we finished so that’s still not bad. There are plenty of lads who will need to make up some lost ground next week. Try to get out 3 times a day if possible! In racing, we just had Seán Molloy in action at the Kilternan Cyclocross race.


  • Monday: Circuit Training with Bertie – GAA complex at 7:00pm
  • Mid-week turbos:  sessions are arranged through Viber.
  • Thursday: running speed set with the Tri Club at 7:00pm at Nenagh College.
  • Saturday: main club cycle – 9:00 at the Hotel.
    • Yoga with Mikey O’Dwyer – 1:00pm in the Leisure Centre. Cycle in the morning then stretch it out afterwards.
  • Sunday: long distance club cycle – 8:00 at Tescos.
  • Run sessions: our run group try to get out running every mid-week morning at 6:00 from the library. The pace is slow and conversational and we try to cover 10 miles each morning. These sessions are organised through the Nenagh Run Racing viber account.

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Weekend Training

We got a great opportunity to test out our winter gear on Sunday. It was 3 degrees starting off but at least there was no frost or ice to be seen. Instead we had some mist out the Limerick road which gave us an unwanted early soaking. Normally when this happens it’s not long before people turn for home. Once the shivering turns violent it’s time to turn around. Luckily enough we were nearly at the split point anyway and the increase in pace here helped everyone to warm-up enough to keep going. With 8 in the back group, they practiced some up and overs at a controlled pace although it is always hard to control some lunatics. The scratch group were very rudely interrupted by our run group who were hogging the bike lane at Roundhill. Who do they think they are???

A 2 hour roll over session was in store with hills in the second half. The key thing with this is not to overdo it at the start. Pace yourself properly or you will suffer in the hills. The two groups came together for the first time at the top of Killeen but split again immediately as the racing group were doing a longer version. They came together again at the top of Seáníns with Keith Butler leading everyone over the top. Keith showed great strength here followed by great weakness as he then led the exodus off the mountain and home via a short cut. A second puncture in what remained of the racing group had to be fixed on the top of Seáníns and with just 3 left they followed Keith’s lead and turned for home.

It’s going to be a long winter if the weather stays like this!

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