Club Updates: 02/03/20

The latest storm blew through last weekend resulting in WW4 being switched to the Sunday instead. That meant there was no ordinary club cycle for club members, just a tough ‘race’ in bad conditions for the few that were willing to brave it. Now, after 5 months of off-season training the racing season is about to start. There are races on Saturday and Sunday to look forward to this weekend. If the weather stays decent then get your ass to one of them, but try to support the club cycles when not on your travels. The club cycles will likely be a little less intense now with the racing cyclists either missing or using the cycles as recovery.


  • Mid-week turbos: sessions are arranged through Viber.
  • Thursday: running speed set with the Tri Club at 7:00pm at Nenagh College.
  • Saturday
    • Training: meet at 9:00am at the Hotel.
    • Racing: Summerhill, Co. Meath
  • Sunday
    • Training: 8:00 at Tescos.
    • Racing: Lacey Cup, Co. Kerry or Seamus Kennedy Memorial, Navan, Co. Meath
  • Run sessions: early morning 6:00am, Mon, Wed, Fri from the library

Best of luck to everyone racing: we should have at least 10 cyclists racing regularly week in week out this year. The quickest and best way to improve is by going to race. Commit to going to at least 1 race each weekend. Plus when the summer leagues start back try to get to 2 of them. String 20 weeks of that together and you will be going places. Add in some stage races and you will take a big leap forward. It sounds easy but very few people ever show that level of commitment and consistency.

Team Vibe: lads it would be great if we could all try as much as possible to target the same races. Cycling is a team sport as well as an individual sport so we should start acting like that. A lot of the fun needed to endure a full cycling season comes from going to races together, sharing experiences and cycling as a team.

Leisure Tour: it’s not just all about racing. There is also a big leisure tour to the Pyrenees to train for. We are paying for that trip in installments so you are probably due another payment roundabout now. There are a lot of tough days on the bike to get through so make sure to put in the work.

First Stage Race – Rás Mhaigheo: we expect to have a team at this early season stage race. It will give a good indication of what you might be able for later in the season. If you enter, get in contact with us through viber and we will see what sort of accommodation we will book. Click to see Facebook Event Page

You can enter the race by clicking here

Winter Warrior 4:

Winter Warrior 4 went ahead this morning after a late weather inspection. It wasn’t exactly miserable but it wasn’t far off it either. Freezing cold temps and a heavy snow/hail shower just coming out of Roscrea almost led to mass abandonment. Just before the shivers became too violent, the sun reappeared and made it tolerable again for the 26 riders that started. We had 2 groups on the road with a 10 minute handicap between them. That gap kept the front group ahead until we got over the first two climbs of the day and passed through Toomevara.

Toomevara was the exact same spot where the bunches merged last week. The winning break went in almost the exact same spot too. 4 riders got down the road and after the turn at Ballinamona it was down to 3 – Paul Kennedy, Shane Scully and Vinny Gleeson. Paul was pushing a very fast pace down the Thurles road and this opened a decent gap back to the bunch. At the foot of Seáníns the gap was around 1 minute. Back behind, there were a few small groups on the road as people constantly broke trying to get away. Eoin Buckley and Matty Kennedy were the closest but they were too far off at the bottom of the climb, so it was down to 3 for the win.

Vinny fell behind on the initial steep part of Seáníns and Shane and Paul pushed on ahead. The two lads went over the top together and opened up a decent gap of nearly 4 minutes on the way back to Nenagh. In the final sprint it was no surprise to see Paul winning it easily to take his 2nd win of the series. He made his way home with 2 hampers in tow. Not a bad days work. Vinny Gleeson won the sprint out of the chase bunch.

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