Club Training: 20/12/19

This is the final weekend of club cycling for 2019. We resume again on Saturday, January 4th. You can take the two weeks off and put the feet up or use the extra time to bump up your training hours. With it looking likely that we will be entering a Rás team (we already have 5 training for it) you can be sure that there will be a bunch of lads out training every day. Check out Viber daily if you want to tag along. As for the next two days, once again a lot depends on the weather. Tomorrow we still have a yellow, fog warning out so we might stick to the main road until it clears (bring lights or hi vis). On Sunday we hope to do the lake and as it’s the last official club cycle of the year, the club will pay for lunch, we might even scrape a little prize together for the Will Rymer Sprint.

Last Website Update of 2019

Saturday Spin: meet at the Hotel at 9:00

Route: we will stay on the main road and head out to Roscrea and back. That might be enough for some. Others can head over to Seáníns for a loop or two or perhaps just cycle over to the Limerick road. Make the choice on the road. The groups will split in Roscrea.

Sunday Spin: meet at Tescos at 8:00 (weather is dark then so have a light)

Route: we will be doing the extended lake route. The Hour of Power will have a prize to be won and we might even change up the format a little with smaller groups on the road, all let off at 1 minute intervals.

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